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Bible Study Templates & Resources

Click on the links below to download templates for various Bible study methods.

The resources on this page are free. I hope to add to them from time to time. If there is something specific you are looking for and I don’t have it, ask. If I am able to help I will.

If you would like to help support my ministry, please visit my SEND International missionary ministry page and give a one-time donation or become a monthly supporter. This helps to ensure that my family and I can make disciples in Spain. Thousands of people visit my site each year in search of Biblical teaching and personal study guidance. If each visitor gave $5.00 this would cover a substantial part of the ongoing cost of ministry. You can also learn more about Spain and our mission there by visiting http://www.bit.ly/GilbertsInSpain.

Thank you and let me know if I can help you in some way.

Individual or Small Group Studies

Various studies on the Psalms:

Psalm 16 handout

Psalm 42 handout

Psalm 69:13 Sovereignty and Faith


Spiritual Warfare: Below are the files for a 12-session study on spiritual warfareSpiritual Warfare blank social media

Spiritual Warfare Full Study Handout-compressed

SF Part 1 Knowing the Enemy Introduction (This is the transcript of the video intro.)

SF Part 2 Knowing the Conqueror Introduction (This is the transcript of the video intro.)

SF Part 3 Knowing How to Fight Introduction (This is the transcript of the video intro.)

Promo material: You can save the image above and use your own church or group log by uploading it and modifying it on http://www.canva.com. Also, here are some other promos:

Mailer – Invitation to spiritual warfare series, general

Spiritual Warfare blank poster

Spiritual Warfare Poster png


DEC 2 fest

Advent: A four-week study for individuals, families, or small groups

Advent Handout 2018 with cards-compressed

Advent four Postcards

Advent Promo poster with download link PDF

Advent Promo poster with download link, png


Battling Unbelief: for the Sake of Love, Holiness, and Sin-Killing

This study is 12 sessions long and is based on a series of videos produced by Pastor John Piper. The video shows how love, holiness, and sin-killing will manifest themselves in the lives of believers. The videos can be viewed for free by clicking here or by scanning the QR code on each handout. (I am posting these as I finish them, usually once a week.) In class, we typically watch the videos but only focus on a few of the examples he gives. Sometimes I did not show the videos at all but simply walked through the scriptures and concepts. You can easily use these as one-off lessons or follow the whole series.

battling unbelief overview

Promo poster

Promo Poster 

Battle Unbelief Session 1 – The Danger of Unbelief

Battle Unbelief Session 2 – Kill Sin or Sin Will Kill You

Battle Unbelief Session 3 – Saving Faith Is a Sin-Assassin

Battle Unbelief Session 4 – How to Love People When It Is Hard

Battle Unbelief Session 5 – Nine Promises for Every Anxiety

Battle Unbelief Session 6 – What You Need to Kill Pride

Battle Unbelief Session 7 – Freedom from Misplaced Shame

Battle Unbelief Session 8 -How to Be More Patient

Battle Unbelief Session 9 – Only Contentment Kills Covetousness

Battle Unbelief Session 10 – Why We Hold on to Bitterness

Battle Unbelief Session 11 – When You Want to Give Up

Study Method Templates

ABC Bible Study Method 

Chapter Summary Bible Study template

Journaling method

S.O.A.P. Devotional Method Template

How to Break Down a Passage of Scripture for Study (Using Philippians 2:1–4)

How to Break Down a Passage of Scripture for Study (Using Philippians 2:5-13)

Books of the Bible Graphic

Share your faith without an argument summary sheet

Doctrine Handouts:

Who is Jesus Christ? An overview of the life and works of Christ.

Prayer method: 

This is adapted from Dick Eastman’s book “The Hour that Changes the World.” the hour that changed the world prayer wheel or look below for a very short explanation.

Click here for a video timer to use while praying. (Remember the goal isn’t actually time, but focus and connection) The video consists of various categories and can be used as a timer and a guide for prayer. It is 30 minutes long, changing categories every 2.5 minutes. THERE IS NO AUDIO for this video.

Structure summary:

Praise: This is simply a time for praising God for who he is. No request, no confession, just simple adoration for the God of our salvation. Begin and end your prayer time with praise.

Waiting on the Lord: Relax, let go, and be quiet before the Lord. This is a time of focus. Set your mind on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Confession: Confess your sins to the Lord. Ask him for the grace to see the sins that you don’t recognize as sin. This is where repentance begins. Confess your sins and repent.

Praying Scripture: Read through a portion scripture and pray it back to God. For example: Read Ps. 106:1 and pray, “ I praise you name Lord, and give thanks to you, because you are good. You love never fails.” You can then add to this your own thoughts as they relate to the verse or verses that you prayed to the Lord. You could work through a whole Psalm or chapter in this way. Some scriptures are easier to do this with than others; plan ahead.

Watching: Take a mental note of the spiritual warfare going on in your life, your community, and the world. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance on how to pray for those involved. Pray for Spiritual and government leadership.

Intercession: This is a time for praying for your family, friends, local church, city, country, and the world. Be specific and pray for people by name. Pray for spiritual and practical needs.

Petitions: A time of praying for yourself: needs, spiritual growth, and a time of communicating dependence God. Again, be specific.

Thanksgiving: Take time to recall what God has done for you in recent days. Has he answered prayers? Provided in some way? Be specific in praying for things he has done for you.

Worship in Song: Sing songs that praise God. The song can be related to your scripture reading or prayer, or not. It may be a good thing to begin in song.

Meditation: This is not the corrupt Eastern form of meditation which empties the mind or focuses on self. Meditate on God, on scripture, and on his works. Listening: Can be combined with meditation. Ask for insight into scripture, spiritual maturity, or guidance on a specific issue. Keep a pad and paper nearby in case you need to write anything down.

Praise: End as you began, in praise. Praise him for any insights you may have received in your time of prayer. Give him praise for his power, knowledge, and generosity. Thank him for all that he will do.


16 thoughts on “Bible Study Templates & Resources

  1. Thank you for this help! I’m sharing it on my blog so others can download your helpful resources and I shared your information in our bible study. God bless you.

    1. Praise God. I hope they are useful to you. I don’t post much right now, but I hope to again in the future; maybe when I’m done with school.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Born to a very Christian home, but only recently came to desire a relationship with God. This has helped me start my journal, and I will be eternally grateful for it. Thank you fire helping me develop my tools to find Christ in my life.

  3. Thank you for all the Templates without charge. I have served our Lord for many years and have been looking for something to revive me.

    1. My pleasure. We are currently in Spain learning Spanish in preparation to spread the gospel here and plant churches among the Spanish. We love to help grow people in their faith and to point people to the Gospel.

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