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The gilberts logoHello from the Gilbert family! We are missionaries with SEND International. We love sharing the Gospel, training and equipping the Body of Christ, and the fellowship of the saints. Right now we are training for and gathering support and partnership for the work God has called us to do in Spain. We want to spread the Gospel, plant evangelical churches, and create a discipleship network in those churches that grows self-initiating, replicating, fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Jack recently graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He received his ordination as a Minister of the Gospel from First Central Bible Church (Chicopee, MA) and Converge Northeast. He formerly served as Minister of Adult Education and Outreach at First Central Bible Church, where he now serves as an elder. Simcha is a former high school math teacher. We have both quit our jobs and are in full-time partnership development with hopes of leaving for Spain in early 2020. We have three children, Joshua, Abi, and Joanna, who all look forward to traveling with us as we begin our ministry with SEND.

Please follow and share our page so that you can follow our journey as we prepare for the work that God has called us to in Christ Jesus. If you would like to partner with us feel free to contact us; we would love to talk with you about the various ways we can work together.

To learn more about our ministry visit: bit.ly/GilbertsInSpain

To partner with us visit: www.send.org/jsgilbert


Gilbert Family Mission Newsletters

2017 – Present 

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