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Scripture Songs

Sometimes when I want to memorize scripture it helps me to sing the scripture I’m memorizing. Below are links to videos I have made of various scriptures. As I record more I will and them here. If you like this particular method you can try it home by making up you own melodies. If you want an app or a cd to help in this manner check out the Fighter Verses app in the iTunes store or the Fighter Verses CD.

Here is John Piper talking about the Fighter verses app for iPhone and Android.

(I am not associated with John Piper, Bethlehem Church, or the makers of this app, I just like it and think you might too. The verses below are quoted from the ESV translation and I simply recorded myself playing and singing them.)

The following links are from two excellent albums that put various Psalms to music word for word from the ESV.

The Corner Room Sessions: Psalm songs volume 1

Psalm 121
Psalm 23
Psalm 42
Psalm 13
Psalm 30
Psalm 8
Psalm 1
Psalm 32
Psalm 19
Psalm 127

The Corner Room Sessions: Psalm songs volume 2

Psalm 100
Psalm 46
Psalm 12
Psalm 63
Psalm 119:33-40
Psalm 67
Psalm 139:1-6
Psalm 139:7-16
Psalm 139:17-24
Psalm 16

Below are songs I have recorded:






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