Bible Reading plans

Happy New Year! It’s January 1, 2020, do you know where your Bible is? If you are looking for a new reading plan I have listed a few here with a short description and a link you can follow to get the details of each plan. You might also want to read this article called, “How To Read The Bible More Often This Year.”


Daily Audio Bible:

This is a ministry out of Springhill, Tennessee that reads through the Bible once a year. Every day Brian reads one section from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms, and Proverbs. He uses a different translation each week. I listen to this at night while I do the dishes. You can listen online or through the DAB app available in your app store. This is also available in Spanish!



This is a five-day reading plan. The advantage of a five-day reading plan is that you have two days a week to catch up or to go back to review or meditate or study a previous section.


Chronological 5-day reading plan

This is a five day a week reading plan that takes you through the Bible based on the order of events.


How to Change Your Mind

This is the reading plan I am using this year. My wife and I finished a through-the-Bible-in-one-year reading plan and I wanted to try something different. I came across this article on the Gospel Coalition website and decided to give it a try. The idea is simple- read every book of the Bible, one at a time, twenty times. I am only doing the New Testament (I sent a lot of time in the OT this year). What I have noticed is that this not only gives me familiarity with the text but many chances for study and meditation. I began with the book of Jude since it was the book that I was least familiar with. Guess what? I am pretty familiar with it now! Here is a list of books of the New Testament books in order from shortest to longest in case you wanted to begin this kind of program with the shorter books and work your way up to the longer ones.

[NT books, shortest to longest: 3 John, 2 John, Phlm, Jude, Titus, 2Thess, 2 Peter, 2 Tim, 1Thess, Col, 1 Tim, Phil, 1 Peter, James, 1 John, Gal, Eph, 2 Cor, Heb, 1 Cor, Rom, Rev, Mark, John, Matt, Acts, Luke; OT books, shortest to longest: See this chart.]


Three Year Weekly Bible Reading Plan (the OT once & the NT twice in three years)

If you are looking for a slower reading plan, this one can help. Personally, I think reading plans like this are too slow. I believe you get more benefits if you read for familiarity (reading larger portions at one time quickly) and taking single books or sections to read more meditatively or to study more deeply. BUT, if you are not reading the Bible, you are getting no benefit, so give this one a try if you need a place to begin.


A Bible Reading Plan for Readers

This plan is basically a challenge to read the Bible as quickly as you can. The idea is to pick up the Bible on day one and just read it like you would any other book, cover to cover. You will be surprised how much more familiar you are with God’s word if you make a habit of doing this once in a while. You can (and should) take time to read the Bible more slowly in study or meditation, but there is a real benefit to reading straight through a book of the Bible in one sitting.  It can help you see the book as a whole and make connections you don’t if you only read through slowly.