How do you study a whole chapter of the Bible at a time?


I am taking part in a study of the book of Daniel with a group of men. We met last week for the first time to get to know one another and to split up the responsibilities of facilitation of each section of the book of Daniel. Generally, we are breaking the book up by chapters and each pair of men will study and facilitate discussion on the principles contained within the chapter.

The key to Bible study is to learn what the Word says, not to read into it what we want it to say. This is done in its basic form by following the study pattern of Observation, Interpretation, and Application. Using these principles I decided to study the book of Daniel using the Chapter Summary Method taught in Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods. The basic method is to read the chapter at least five times and to then begin to fill out sections below.

Below I have included a list of the sections with a short description of each. Below that there are three resource links:

1) a pdf of the form for personal use

2) an MS Word document of the same form

3) a pdf example of how to use the chapter summary method (my personal study of the first chapter of Daniel).

There are other ways and methods, but this is a solid way to get a good overview of a chapter that will also point you toward personal application.

The Method

Caption (Title): (A short, catchy title to help you remember the chapter’s contents.)

Contents: (A summary of the chapter. Sentence form or outline)

Chief people: (A list of the most important persons in the chapter with a brief description)

Choice verse(s): (The most important verse(s) that captures the chapters idea or lesson)

Crucial words: (The word or words that seem most important. May appear once or many times)

Challenge(s): (A list of things which you need to better understand for later study)

Cross-reference(s): (A list of cross-references that help with understanding or interpretation)

Christ seen: (A list of prophesy’s, types, or examples that point to Christ or his ministry)

Central lesson(s): (A summarized list of lessons learned from the principles taught)

Conclusion: (Personal application)

Resource Downloads

Chapter Summary Form (PDF)

Chapter Summary Form (MS Word)

Chapter Summary Example Daniel 1