Help us begin ministry in Spain.

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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thanks to many of you we raised $8,500 last December. That allowed us to visit Spain to meet the other missionaries who are already hard at work and to see the places and meet the people we would be reaching out to face to face. That was amazing!

We need your help again. Did you know that we have to raise 100% of our ongoing support before we can depart for Spain? As of the time you read this, we are at 34%. If we can gain 16 new partners at $100 we will be at 50% and can begin full-time partnership development. Have you considered that if your gift last year was broken down into monthly ongoing support it would count toward our required ongoing support?

Your support will make evangelism and discipleship in Spain a reality.

Today, we’re launching our 2018 Year-End Campaign.  Our goal is to make disciples with some of the 45 million Spaniards who don’t know Jesus Christ. Even though 65% of Spaniards claim to be “Christian,” this is a cultural identity rather than a true saving faith. Only about one percent of Spaniards have a saving faith in Jesus Christ!*

That’s why our goal for this campaign is to gain 16 new ongoing partners by Jan 1. Raising that amount allows us to begin full-time partnership development, working toward 100%.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming an ongoing partner with us in bringing the Gospel to Spain? You may not be able to do everything, but don’t let that stop you from doing something to help bring Spaniards to Christ.

God provides for our ministry through the generosity of his people.  Your support will make a real impact in the lives those who live in Spain. Please join us in God’s work there.

Your fellow servants in Christ Jesus,

The Gilbert family: Jack, Simcha, Joshua, Abigail, & Joanna

Missionary Candidates, Send International

P.S.  Today, we launched our 2018 Year-End Campaign.  Our goal is to gain 16 new $100 supporters or the equivalent. We can’t do it without your helpWill you prayerfully consider becoming an ongoing supporter at $50, $100, or some other amount so we can reach 50% and begin full-time partnership development? You can partner with us in person or online at

* This statistic was taken from Operation World.

“Contributions are solicited and received understanding that SEND has complete & final discretion & control over the use of all donated funds.”


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