Advent Study 2018 (Four Sessions)

Advent Cover

For Advent this year I decided to study the concepts of hope, peace, joy, and love with my Sunday School class. I created a guide which I hope will help people create a sense of anticipation as Christmas approaches. I pray that in this holiday season you will turn your eyes to the reason we celebrate Christmas– the incarnation of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. I have compiled the lessons here so that individuals, families, and small groups can download and use it to celebrate together. If you have never celebrated Advent, then this guide will show you how to do so. I even include a guide for making an Advent wreath and include an explanation of its symbolism.

Here are the session topics:

Dec 2: HOPE – 1 Cor. 15: Hope through Christ’s resurrection

Dec 9: PEACE – Col. 1 & Rom. 5: Peace with God through Jesus’ death.

Dec 16: JOY – John 15: Joy in the life of Christ

Dec 23: LOVE – Luke 2 & John 3: Love shown through Christ’s birth.

The guide explores the Biblical concepts of hope, peace, joy, and love by looking at the resurrection, death, life, and birth of Jesus Christ (yes, in that order). Each session includes a selection of scripture to read, a devotional exploring the concept of the week, a prayer guide, and a song to sing (including lyrics and links to a youtube video of that week’s song). There are also postcards which can be printed so that you can write a note and send it to an unbeliever in order to share your faith, or to a brother/sister in Christ to encourage them this advent season. Finally, there is a session for Christmas day where you read the story of Jesus’ birth from the scriptures.

Celebrate the incarnation with me in this four-session study and see how the resurrection, death, life, and birth of Jesus Christ brings hope, peace, joy, and love to his followers.

Please share this post on your facebook page or other contacts so that people can use this free resource this advent season. Perhaps you might consider starting a small group during the Advent season to help others build a sense of anticipation.

Click the link below to download the study guide.

Advent Handout 2018 with cards-compressed


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