IMG_3491The First Two Days:

The Gilberts are in Spain! We arrived on Thursday morning after a rather smooth trip from Western, MA. We drove our rental car (Praise God for GPS!) from the Madrid airport to the SEND International guest house in Alcazaba (in Los Hueros) in Madrid Spain. The area director and his wife, Giles and Debbie Davis, met us and we had a long and lovely lunch and conversation. They introduced us to a very nice market, Mercadona, where Joshua and I did some grocery shopping for next couple of days. We spent the rest of the evening and the first half of the next day trying to get over the jet lag, which hit us a bit harder than expected!Snip20180413_49

We had a long lunch on Friday with the Giles family and discussed the week’s schedule. We are going to meet with various members of the teams working in Madrid with SEND International. We will also meet with the principle of the local Missions Kid’s school here to discuss some of the various educational possibilities for the kids. We are also fortunate enough to have a meeting with Dan and Lynn Hollingsworth. They are friends with Pastor Mark (My Pastor at First Central Bible Church in Chicopee, MA) are also fulltime missionaries in Spain with another organization. This Sunday we will have an IMG_3528opportunity to worship in a local Spanish church, which we are very much looking forward to doing.

We ended this evening by taking a long walk into downtown Los Hueros and found a IMG_3523small restaurant and did my best to order for the family in Spanish (Effective, but not very good. Ha!) Tomorrow we will spend some time in Segovia which is home to two castles and part of the Roman Aqueduct system.


It’s good to finally be here and to spend some time with the various people we will eventually be working with. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us now and who have given us help in getting here.


Please pray that we have a productive and mutually edifying meeting with the various team members here in Madrid.

Please pray that we stay in good health. The first day was pretty rough for the kids, but they seem to be doing well now.

Please pray that we can easily navigate from city to city without getting (too) lost.