The Gilbert’s are just three days away from our first trip to Spain. We are really excited. We have already packed and are ready to go. Now we just need to wait three more days (!) then we will fly into Madrid, Spain to meet the SEND missionaries already serving there, and to get a feel for what ministry and life in Spain will be like.

Below is a copy of the bulletin insert that the congregation of my sending church received today during the worship service. It explains in short what this trip is about and asks for prayer. At the beginning of the service, the elders of First Central Bible Church laid hands on our family and prayed for us. (They also prayed for our Pastor, Mark Wheeler who is leaving for a mission trip to Russia tonight).

Be on the lookout for updates and pictures as we make our way to Spain. Thank you, once again, to the many people who have partnered with us to make this trip possible. We received many one time gifts in order to fund this trip. We have also reached 26% of our funding needed to go to Spain full time. Thanks also to all the people this week who have helped us in many practical ways to prepare for the trip and have prayed for us. To God be the Glory. Vision Trip BULLETIN Insert