joshua-ness-225844On Sunday, March 18th, 2018 I held an evangelism training class at First Central Bible Church (FCBC) in Chicopee, MA (The church where I serve). The people who attended the class are going to participate in the Easter outreach event that FCBC will be holding as we participate in the City of Chicopee’s Easter egg hunt. The class was geared toward short interactions with people. I stressed that there are many ways share the Gospel, but this would be a good starting point.

There were several principles I shared with the class:

  1. Evangelism is not about winning arguments, it’s about proclaiming the good news. If people reject the Gospel they are rejecting God. He can handle it. Our job is to tell those who will listen that Jesus died for their sins and wants to make them children of God.
  2. An essential part of evangelism is good listening. While the Gospel is a simple message, it is also one that touches all aspects of life. If we listen carefully, we can hear what people are struggling with and link it to their actual need–reconciliation with God. We also need to listen so that we can have compassion for people.
  3. If you are going to be ready to share the Gospel, you need to BE READY. Can you give your testimony in a short and concise manner that tells how Jesus both brought you to God and how he is working in your life now? Can you use the scriptures to walk someone through their need for forgiveness and the means of salvation through trusting and following Jesus Christ? Taking time to develop a simple means of sharing your testimony and to understanding the scriptures is essential to evangelism.

As part of the class, I passed out several materials, which I am posting here for your use.

One Thing I Know: Using Your Testimony to Share the Gospel

How to Share Your Faith Without an Argument (Bill Fay)

Share your faith without an argument summary sheet

Evangelism Cards: Two Ways to Share the Gospel With Scripture

Steps to Peace with God (adapted from a tract by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

Please feel free to share, copy, and use these resources.