8 weeks to goThe kid’s passports just came in, and we are eight weeks away from making our first two- week trip to Spain. We are pretty excited!

On our Vision trip, we will visit Marid, Spain. The vision trip is a time when we get to meet the teams that are already in place in Spain. We get to know them, to see the various ministries that are in place, and hopefully get to take part in an outreach event.

We are taking our kids with us because they are part of our ministry and we want to help ease them into the idea of living in another country. We will take some time to visit ordinary places such as grocery stores, shopping -centers, and parks so they can get a feel for what life is like there.

Royal Palace of Madrid, Madrid, Spain*

If you would be so kind, please pray for us as we get ready for the trip:

  • Pray our passports come in on time. We received the kids’ but don’t have ours yet.
  • Pray that all the last minute details will go well.
  • Pray that when we get in the country we will be able to travel without getting lost. (We sprung for a car with a GPS.)
  • Pray that we can have a very fruitful trip. We want to get to know the teams and get a feel for what our possible roles will be.
  • Pray for our safety as we travel.
  • Pray that we will get to share the Gospel on this trip.

Thanks for helping us raise the funds we needed for this first two-week trip!

*Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash