share faithI have recently had several conversations with other Christians concerning evangelism. Some of the people I spoke with were not sure how to go about sharing their faith with others. There are many ways to express the truth of the Gospel, but it is important to think about how you might go about doing it before the time comes to share. The important thing is to understand the core message: 1) We were made to serve and glorify God. 2) Instead, mankind sinned against God, and as a result, we have been separated from him and are by nature objects of his just judgment. 3) Because of God’s love for us (even though we have sinned against him and rejected him), He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to pay the debt we never could. He did so by dying on the cross, and three days later he came back to life, having paid the debt we owe to God. 4) The only way to have peace with God, and to receive eternal life is by accepting Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior. We must follow Christ, there is no other way to God.

We need to share the Gospel by using the scriptures. This is important because “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” (Romans 10:17 ESV) There are many ways to do this, but if you don’t think about how to do it ahead of time you will not get very far when the chance arises. This Sunday I will be teaching one such method of sharing the Gospel from the scriptures that I first learned 20 years ago from evangelist Bill Fay. He wrote a very helpful booklet called “How Can I Share My Faith Without an Argument?” I have used this method of starting spiritual conversations and moving them toward sharing the Gospel through the scriptures so many times I have lost count. This is not the only way to share the Gospel, but it is a good method and is certainly a good place to begin.

The booklet teaches a three step method:

  • The Approach: We begin by simply talking to people. This can be a complete stranger or someone we have known for years. We begin to turn the conversation to spiritual matters in order to make an opportunity to share the Gospel. (He provides five guiding questions) If the person rejects, then you stop. If they accept the conversation you move on to the scriptures.
  • The Bible: In this step you walk through a series of scriptures that help explain the concepts of sin, spiritual death, being born again, Christ as the only way to God, acceptance of Christ as Lord, and God’s desire for a relationship with us. This is done by having the person read the scripture to you and a subsequent short discussion about each scripture. Then comes the last step: A personal challenge.
  • Personal Challenge: Here is where you attempt to connect the truth communicated from scripture with the person with whom you are witnessing. Bill gives a series of questions leading to a final question: Are you willing to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Obviously, not all people are ready for this the first time they hear the Gospel, but we must not short change God’s ability to affect the heart through the Holy Spirit. As Bill says in his booklet, “God uses Scripture to change people’s lives. [S]haring your faith without an argument is based on two principles. The first is from Romans 10:17, “Faith comes from hearing.” Hearing is the key. The second principle
is in Luke 10:26, which I paraphrase, “What does it say to you?” The Holy Spirit will do the convincing and the convicting. You’re just going to stand by and watch God do something.”

You can find the booklet in full here.

You can download my one-page summary that I will use to teach the method here.