why give grace?

Take a moment to read this article about the great grace that God lavishes on us. It’s written by Jason on the blog, “Shepard the Sheep.” Like Jason, I have come to realize that the outpouring of God’s grace on me is so great that I must allow it to overflow into the lives of others. How are we to accept the gift of grace and mercy but deny its work? May it never be! Praise GOD for the great love that he has shown us through our great GOD and savior Jesus Christ, and the grace and patience that he lavishly pours out on his children.

Shepherd The Sheep

On my best days I know the grace of God poured out on me is beyond measure. Paul says “His grace which He lavished on us.” I love the word lavish. I wish my plate was lavished with bacon. My heart and arteries are glad my plate isn’t lavished with bacon.

God, He lavishes grace.

This is good. When I’m having a bad moment, deceived by my own heart and it’s idols I sin. I rebel, get angry, worry about the affects of a situation, or grow jealous.

God lavishes grace.

When something comes up over and over again and I am tempted to be bitter, cold, angry, or disappointed.

God lavishes grace.

My kids push. They don’t like the answer “no.” They don’t like the way I lead them. They push hard. For the 5th time I find myself saying the same thing to the same question rephrased and…

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