Bible outlines

I’m currently taking a New Testament survey course. One of the tasks we are required to do for the course is to read and outline the New Testament. Our outlines have to be a condensed one page overview of the chapter. Before I make my own I read the book I am about to outline, and then I copy all of the headings out of the chapters along with the references for each. This allows me to be able to “see” the book as a whole and I then look for major divisions and make my own outline.

It occurred to me that some of you might like to have the long outlines that I have made from the study Bible, so I am posting them here. I’m posting the long versions which I made by typing out the headings, not my one page summaries. I would encourage you to look at them and see if you can see the major divisions in the books. As I finish them I will post the long versions here and on my resource page.

Click on these links to download the PDF outlines of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Outlines of the books of the New Testament (ESV, long)