Sermon Notes Template

I like to take notes when I listen to sermons. This gives me the chance to both reflect and meditate on the lessons given so that I might be able to apply them to my life. “The sermon is not over until it is applied.” It also allows me to check the sermon against the scriptures to ensure its accuracy.

If you would also like to do this I have posted a blank template that you can print out and take with you to church. It’s really just a blank Cornell Note Taking template, but can easily be used to take sermon notes.

Here is how you use the template for sermons notes:

Top box: Sermon title, date, speaker, and main scriptural reference.

Left Column: Write the main sermon points here for quick reference.

Right Column:  This is where you will right the notes, cross-references, etc.

Bottom Box: This is for when you are at home and want to get a second exposure. After reading over the notes you took, paraphrase the sermon in your own words. It does not have to be a long explanation but instead make it more like a one – three sentence thesis or summary.

Click here to download the two-page Cornell-style sermon notes template.

Cornell Sermon Template


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