The ABC method of Bible study comes from The Navigator Bible Studies Handbook.

This method is best suited for small to medium sized selections of scripture. I am curently using it to study 1 John and I am using it for up to a whole chapter at a time. First read the Whole book once through, then on the same or subsequent day, read the selection you want to study at least five times. Then begin filling out the form as you look read the selection of scripture again. I like to start by filling out part E. Part A should be filled out last.

The basic format is as follows:

A. Title: This should be short and concise. It should be a few words that sum up the reading. Example: “Walking in the light”

B. Best Verse (or Basic Passage): This should be the verse that best represents the passage that you are reading or your favorite verse from the passage.

C. Challenge: This is the action step of this method (application). In this section you describe what the text you are reading is challenging you to do. There are many acronyms that care used by various people for a section like this, but the Navigator Bible Studies Handbook suggest the acronym SPECK*:

*Sin to confess, Prayer to pray, Example to follow, Command to obey, Something that increases your Knowledge of GOD.

D. Difficulties: In this section you write out the questions about parts of the section that you might not understand very well. You can also write out questions that others might ask or statements that they might make based on the selection. Then you can answer those questions so that when you face this same question at some point you will know how to answer.

E. Essence: In this section you can either paraphrase the selection or you can write an outline of it. Both are good ways to get an overview or “big picture view” of the selection of scripture.

This is a brief overview of the method. Check it out. I like it a lot. It is a shorter method but effective for understanding and application. I have attached the blank template for it; click here to download the template.

ABC Bible Study Method template