The chilly frost of winter’s day

Which once again has come our way,

Brings to us white fields of snow

Reminding me of things I know


Though it offends some peoples’ taste

“A day well planed that’s gone to waste”

Instead of icy sheets, it’s this I see

A gift of GOD, the Lord’s great mercy


Much like the earth, the barren trees

Like withered plants and fallen leaves

I too was stripped of dying flesh

Those things, neglected I, to vet


Like the shimmering leaves of gold

That dress the trees like kings of old

I held onto my precious sin

“Never shall I need again”


Then winter came as winter does

And dying clamed what living was

These things I held in great import

Soon would prove none of the sort


For all that which I once held dear

GOD ordained to disappear

Like winter’s snow o’er this place

He replaced “my precious” with his grace


What say I now of winter’s snow

Which covers all that used to grow

Is it the death of that which was

Or a reminder of things above


“Life!” I say, not death’s cold hand

It reminds me of the Son of Man

Whose precious blood, shed for me

Brought me to GOD, on Calvary.

–Jack Gilbert