Merry Christmas! Let’s Make An Advent Calendar!


This is just so great that I had to share it with you. I wanted to make and advent calendar for the kids and this is what I found online. Below I have added some things that you can print on card stock and cut out to use in this craft or others. I also added some colored paper that could be printed on regular paper or bond paper to use in this craft. At the end you will find a link to the tutorial. Please share a link to this blog entry with others that would like to make this, or simply share it on you Facebook/ twitter account.


Here is a list of materials needed to make this advent calendar:

Materials Required:
24 small matchboxes
One 12×12 sheet of Christmas themed patterned paper – I used Carolees Creations Scarf Stripe – although off cuts of coordinating papers would work fine
24 metal brads
Christmas themed Chipboard pieces – I used Melissa Frances Christmas Glitter Shapes
8 inches of 1 inch wide spotted ribbon to coordinate with your papers
Rik Rak in coordinating colours to match with your papers
Two 4x4inch squares of thick chipboard or mountboard
Number rubons – I used Doodlebug all mixed up small numbers or you can use stamps (the Stamps Away acrylic Swirly Uppercase alphabet have lovely numbers too)
Acrylic paint to coordinate
Black doodling pen
Strong double sided tape
Wet Adhesive

Click here to go to the tutorial.








Here is a picture of the one that my wife and I made.



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