I am touched by your humbleness. Not that you are trying to be humble but that it is manifested in you through your “weakness” and the sufficiency of GOD. You have stumbled upon a great spiritual truth. Guard it with all your heart. I wrote a post just today on my blog about joy in GOD and after reading your post I had to stop and ask myself if I would exhibit the same joy in your situation. I then realized that is not the point.
The joy and the humility that you have in this situation has been given to you by GOD for this very situation. I don’t have the strength to react the way you have to such a disease because I don’t have it. I do believe that GOD could give it to me if I were to have such a disease. this sis because it is his grace that is sufficient, not our strength.

Unshakable Hope

One night, about a year before I was diagnosed with ALS, Mary and I were up late watching “Nightline.” Ted Koppel was doing three nights of interviews with a retired college professor named Morrie Schwartz. Morrie had ALS and was sharing his life-lessons with Ted Koppel just as he had done previously with one of his former students named Mitch Albom. Mitch later compiled these life-lessons and wrote a best-selling book titled “Tuesdays with Morrie.”

I hate to admit this, but even after seeing the three nights of interviews and reading the book, I cannot remember most of the life-lessons that Morrie taught. But, I do have one vivid memory from watching those interviews; it occurred while listening to Morrie describe his daily routine – having to rely on his wife and caregivers for virtually all of his needs. After hearing how helpless he was…

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