I know this is the second repost I’ve had about God being silent, this is the same one. This is also a very excellent post about why or why not God might be silent about a particular issue. This one has an excellent flowchart that answers some questions about why God might be silent based on Scripture. Since it has a flowchart ionic
I automatically liked it because I’m a flowchart kind of guy. Enjoy.

On Target

It’s one thing to pray and receive a clear “Yes” from God. You want to celebrate. It’s another thing to receive a clear “No” from God. You may be saddened, but hopefully in time you will understand what God is doing. But it’s quite another issue when you pray and God says, ” . . . . . . . . .” (nothing at all). How do you make sense of God’s silence?

“When God is silent” is a flow chart that tries to answer the question from Scripture. I developed the chart a few years back when I was teaching a series on prayer. You can download the chart as a pdf file if you like.

It starts with five questions that deal with reasons why God may not answer.

  1. Have I neglected to pray?
  2. Am I in sin?
  3. Am I selfish?
  4. Am I doubting?
  5. Is my request out…

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