I appreciate the word. We must constantly encourage one another in The Lord. He is our hope and salvation and we must not grow weary of “gathering together” and preaching the Gospel to one another.


Even for a matured Christian, life usually is not a bed of roses. No matter your level of faith or the depth of your relationship with God, there are times when it appears God is silent – to your prayers, to your feelings, about your situation; times when you perhaps feel abandoned by God. It happens to everybody, trust me – been there, done that.

Listen, He never leaves nor forsakes any child of His. However, in His infinite wisdom, there are times when He keeps silent (believe it or not) for our own good – to develop our spiritual muscles, to mature us for better things to come. As close as the Lord Jesus Christ was to the Father, there came a moment (a critical one at that) that Jehovah kept His own counsel – Mark 15: 33-34. Job too experienced the same thing. In one day, he lost…

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