It’s Your Turn. Tell Me What to Write About.

You tell me what to write!

I have been pleased with the response to this blog. Lots of you are either subscribing to it via email or reading it from the links on my Facebook page. That being said, I thought maybe it would be fun for you to pick one of my future topics. I really enjoy topical, biblical research, and I think bringing you guys in would reveal ideas that I might not think of on my own. Here is what I would like you to do.

1. I would like EVERYONE that reads this to make a suggestion.
2. Those that make suggestions should think of two topics or questions that you would like to see here on the blog.
3. Post your suggestions in the comments section of this blog.
4. The cut off for entries will be Friday 5 October 5th at 12 noon EDT.
5. I will narrow the suggestions down to four and put them in a poll on this site. You will pick the final topic from that poll.

Now go on, start thinking! Don’t for get to make those suggestions!



    1. Why, Pastor Wheeler, I have no idea what you are talking about. The post clearly says October 5th. I certainly didn’t run down stairs and change it as soon as I read your comment. 😉 (Thanks for the heads up. Jack: 0, Pastor Wheeler: 1)

      1. “You’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally,” said Doc Brown.

        On a more serious note, you could write about what helps you to grow spiritually, or the spiritual disciplines you find helpful.

      1. Dude, I miss you guys too. Most everybody has PCS’d, so its really just us, the Slajcherts, the Morses, and the Ashcrafts that are still here.

        Well, when I think of slander, I think of politics. I actually defriended someone on facebook for the first time just a couple days ago because I couldn’t tolerate his political posts anymore. I could feel the evil when I read his words. And they were hurtful, clearly cultural, and lacking in any real righteousness. (But they were obviously very important things to him.) Perhaps you can write about the reality of slander vs. the justification culture gives to it; how a citizen of God’s kingdom views slander as opposed to how a citizen of this world (any country) views slander.

        For the Messianic Kingdom, you could write a little about what the Jews anticipated about the kingdom (freedom to worship God their way, peace, etc.) and then expand on it by presenting the Christian hope (that all would be born again to love the righeousness of God rather than the entitlements of men, that the least will be most, the last first, and that love is the law, etc.)

        See ya brother! Thanks for inviting me to your blog.

      2. I agree with you BIG TIME on the subject of slander. I have been getting ready to do a post on that very subject, and on politics in particular. It”s coming. Standby. 😉

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